Peque (Kids) Race

Registrations 2024 opening soon.


This is the Tenerife Bluetrail for children, which will start in Colón avenue in Puerto de la Cruz at 10:00 on Saturday the 8th of June. 350 metres will separate the runners from the finish line.

This race is reserved for kids under the age of seven accompanied by an adult and it covers a distance from Avenida de Colón to the finishing ramp at Reyes Católicos square in Puerto de la Cruz.

The children run as fast as they can. The Tenerife Bluetrail launched a new category just for children, who will surely have the same feeling of having overcome their challenge as an Ultra runner when they cross the finish line at the Reyes Católicos Avenue.

Peque Race for kids was created to make them feel like little heroes and light up the sacred fire of sport in them. A path where no one loses and everyone has fun, precisely to leave a strong emotion in the hearts of the little ones, full of healthy principles and above all enriching from a human point of view.

While the grown-ups are fighting with the atmospheric elements, following endless ridges and slopes on the mountains, across the Teide National Park, the little ones can instead follow their own path. 

The Peque Race is the opportunity of getting the youngest in the family started on the sport and participants will have the honour to run in front of professional trailrunners and spectators, don't missed it!  We can't wait to welcome lots of little smiling faces to the start line!

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Solidarity Peque Race

In addition, three solidarity races are incorporated:

  • Kids from 8 to 10 years old (350 meters)
  • Kids from 11 to 12 años (700 meters)
  • Kids from 13 to 15 años (1 kilometer)

The money collected through the solidarity races, will be donated to two NGO.

Registration for the solidarity race

Some kids before running in the Tenerife Blue Trail kids category, called Peque Race.


Health Benefits for children

While all physical activity is beneficial for kids, running can significantly improve kids’ physical, mental, and personal well-being. Not only can running help them stay fit and healthy, it can also teach kids valuable life lessons and skills that will translate into other areas. From improved self-confidence and discipline to better sleep and more family bonding, here are some of the many benefits of running for kids.

Running is a suitable physical activity for children as it promotes proper functioning of the musculoskeletal system, given the need for coordination between breathing and movement, strengthening the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems.

Kids who run, or do other regular physical activity, will have stronger muscles and bones and face less risk of becoming overweight or developing type 2 diabetes. They’ll also have lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. Active kids sleep better and more prepared and better equipped to handle emotional and physical challenges they may face.

When kids run, especially if they participate in a running program or do it regularly as a family activity, they’ll create a establish a life-long exercise habit. Starting an exercise habit early in life will have incredible mental and physical health benefits for them, now and hopefully in the future.

In children, it fosters a strong connection that encourages values such as responsibility and consistency. Invite your children to run with you and strengthen family bonds while engaging in an excellent sport.