Registrations 2024 opening soon.

The Joëlettes are back at the Tenerife Bluetrail. Our race is open and inclusive, so this category is for athletes who require technical assistance and are accustomed to overcoming obstacles. Participants use special all-terrain chairs adapted for athletes with reduced mobility: the Joëlettes.

The race will start at 5:30 pm on June 10th. Participants will have to cover the 5.3 kilometers that separate the coastal trail of Playa del Ancón from the finish line on Avenida Reyes Católicos (Puerto de la Cruz), where the Ultra, Trail, Marathon, and Half Marathon categories also finish.

  • Starting Point: Playa del Ancón (La Orotava)
  • Finish Line: Plaza Reyes Católicos (Puerto de la Cruz)

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The Benefits of Sports and Nature

Sports activities in nature bring many physical, psychological, and social benefits. For some people with reduced mobility, participating in a sports activity helps mitigate the obstacles of disability, while also fighting muscle atrophy and building greater resistance to fatigue, for example.

Beyond the physical benefits, adapted sports also foster social bonds. Sometimes, individuals may become isolated from their environment, and engaging in sports allows them to meet people, socialize, and develop a sense of cohesion and solidarity.

In many cases, sports also contribute to improving the psychological well-being of the runners: it helps them develop self-esteem, resilience, and the ability to recover. A leisure sports activity like participating in the Tenerife Bluetrail provides them with a new purpose and allows them to focus on something beyond their disability.

Moreover, nature is an escape and a source of entertainment, but also a challenge. It helps stimulate the mind and raises awareness among people with reduced mobility of their own capabilities. We want to offer participants the opportunity to discover the heritage and natural environment of the island of Tenerife, promoting values such as teamwork and personal growth.

Providing access to trail running for everyone is one of our goals, and we work day by day to make it happen with categories like Joëlette or the Tenerife Bluetrail Challenge.